Motorola adds new features to Motorola Assist

Motorola logoMotorola today announced an update to Motorola Assist, its Personal Text Messaging Assistant for the Moto X and latest DROID smartphones from Verizon. Probably the biggest change in this latest version is the ability now to reply to incoming SMS messages using only your voice. This is made possible by further updates to the Motorola Contextual Services which provides “the secret sauce behind activity detection in Assist and optimizes Touchless Control.”

We think 2014 is going to be a great year. We’re here, we’re listening, and we’re making your Motorola phones better all the time. We’re committed to bringing you many more software innovations over this next year.

The changelog lists the following changes:

  • You can now reply to incoming SMS messages using just your voice
  • Improved driving detection using Bluetooth for Assist
  • While driving, Motorola Assist will automatically launch your favorite music app
  • Bug fixes!

Motorola Assist is a free download and is available through Google Play.

Motorola also announced that its Android 4.4 KitKat rollout is now reaching Europe. For our part here in Canada, we continue to wait.

Source : Motorola Mobility