Motorola confirms Moto X to be upgraded to Android L

Motorola Moto X

Our first hopes that the Moto X would be upgraded to Android L were dashed when the information proved to have come from a hoax account. Then Motorola’s own customer support rekindled those hopes by indicating that both it and the Moto G would be updated. But a firmer confirmation if only for the Moto X was provided a few days back by Punit Soni, Motorola’s VP of Product Management.

Google+ user Josh B. asked a question that many other Moto X users have likely asked as well: “Moto X is still going to get Android L (5.0) right??” Imagine his surprise when none other than Soni quickly confirmed that it would with a simple “Yup.”

There are no other details at this point but Moto X users can at least sleep at night knowing that Android L is coming their way.

Motorola has impressed many in recent times with the speed at which it has rolled out updates to its latest devices. While it remains unclear whether other devices such the Moto G and Moto E will be updated, it’s clear that Motorola will update them if it can do so without compromising performance or the user experience.

Sources : +JoshBierwiler // BGR