Motorola drops price of Moto X to US$399 outright in U.S.

Motorola Moto G

And 2014 is off! Motorola’s Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President – Product Management, today announced that the company is dropping the price of the Moto X to US$399 outright in the U.S. The news comes as people told Motorola that they wanted “a new premium smartphone at a reasonable price without having to wait for a contract upgrade.”

So from today forward we’re offering Moto X at an everyday starting price of just $399 on any major US carrier, without a contract. This includes customized devices.

Today several wireless carriers offer good month-to-month or prepaid service plans that cost much less than the contract plans that come with subsidized devices. Combine one of those plans with our new $399 everyday pricing and you could save hundreds of dollars over two years while keeping the freedom to change service providers when you feel like it. We can even help you finance your purchase so you pay monthly for your contract-free Moto X.

The price drop can be seen as a higher-end move similar to what Google does with the Nexus 5 or Motorola itself with the Moto G in the budget-level space: Offering what could well be considered a flagship device at a wallet-friendly price.

Now if only Motorola would announce that it is offering Motomaker in Canada…

Source : Motorola Mobility