Motorola Moto X+1 caught on video

Rumoured Moto X+1 boot sequenceAfter feeling that it had been deliberately misled by Motorola in its quest to find out more information about the Moto X+1, TK Tech News offered a US$25,000 bounty for both images and some hands-on time with the upcoming smartphone. It now looks its plan worked out and they got their (expensive) wish.

After their hands-on, the site was able to confirm a few details it had already reported earlier. The Moto X+1 is larger but also thinner and will come with an SD card slot. Pre-production units have coloured backs, perhaps in a bid to later identify anyone who leaks pictures and details.

During their hands-on, the site shot five videos. Only the first one has been released so far. Much of the device is hidden away to protect their source but we get a good look at a portion of the boot sequence:

The device itself appears to have a very plastic-looking finish. Hopefully the upcoming videos will give us a better look.

The report also suggested that Motorola had a tablet waiting in the wings. No details were provided except that it will be headed to Verizon. Could it be the Moto X Play?

Motorola is expected to launch the Moto X+1 in late summer. The launch time frame will be determined later as Motorola has reportedly not finalized specifications yet.

Update: The video has been pulled down over concerns that despite most of it being masked, something was still visible that could have revealed the device’s owner. TK Tech News has now released a second video which apparently does a better job at masking those marks but leaving us once again with a device hard to see behind tape and plastic.

A third video attempts (poorly) to show the 1080p display:


Source : TK Tech News