Motorola still considering tablet customized using Motomaker

Motorola motomaker

Motorola last released a tablet more than two years ago. Launched in November 2011, the XOOM 2 and XOOM 2 Media Edition tablets share the dubious honour of being the company’s last tablets to date. But the company has been eyeing a return for some time now.As far back as September 2013, CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed that it “something we are working on” without revealing further details. In an interview with Pocket-lint this week, Woodside once again reconfirmed the company’s interest in a Motomaker tablet but again suggested it will not happen in the immediate future.

While smartphones remain Motorola’s priority, Woodside recognizes that Motorola could offer something that few others might be able to: The kind of customization that it already offers with the Moto X in the U.S. “We are looking at tablets. A lot of people have asked us to build a tablet using Motomaker, to customise their tablet. There might be a day we do that, but the bigger opportunity for us is the five billion people without smartphones,” he said.

At the same time, Woodside warned that Motorola must remain focused as it seeks to re-establish itself in the smartphone market. “You need to focus, or we could go next door and start building refrigerators too. We have to decide and convince consumers we stand for something and what we are focused on is the mobile internet,” he explained.

While Motorola wants to remain focused, Woodside hinted that the next area that we could see Motorola make some moves in will be wearable technology. It already has an established Bluetooth headset business and that is not expected to change. Motorola also has some past experience with smartwatches, notably the MotoActiv, that it could leverage in future products. “We have some ideas, so I would say stay tuned,” hinted Woodside.

Motorola proved in 2013 that it was a company to watch and early signs suggest that this will not change in 2014. With Google’s backing, Motorola looks set to make further waves this year.

Source : Pocket-lint