Motorola Motomaker

Moto 360 headed to Moto Maker in March

MotoMaker for Moto360

Motorola’s Moto Maker has so far only been used to customize its Moto X flagship smartphones. Back in January, Motorola Chief Operating Officer Rick Osterloh dropped a big hint that it would soon bring MotoMaker customization options to its Moto 360 smartwatch. Nothing has been officially announced yet but Wired today reported that a new version of Moto Maker will […]

Motorola to bring MotoMaker to wearables

Motorola motomaker

Motorola gave buyers the ability to customize the look of their smartphones in 2013 when it launched MotoMaker alongside the first Moto X smartphone. While current options are mostly limited to cosmetic choices, Motorola is looking to broadening choices to include hardware options like different screen sizes and different functionalities. The company could soon also bring MotoMaker customization options to its […]

Motorola confirms Moto X+1 name for next flagship?

Moto X+1 on Motorola MotoMaker

Motorola’s resurgence began last year with the innovative Moto X. Nearly a year later, the company has confirmed the obvious: It will launch a successor sometime this summer. Early rumours suggested that Motorola would call this new device the Moto X+1. It now appears that the company itself has confirmed that this will be the name of its next flagship smartphone. […]