Is the mysterious Motorola XT1096 Verizon’s Moto X+1?

Rumoured Motorola XT1096 box

The Moto G successor is not the only Motorola device to hit the rumour mill today. A second Motorola rumour is all about a box and the stickers on it. They reveal that a new Motorola device, identified as the XT1096 could be headed to Verizon Wireless.

The box in question is for a pre-commercial unit. A bright orange sticker warns that “it is considered highly Confidential and Proprietary Subject to Non-Disclosure.” Unfortunately, that’s all that it reveals.

It could well be that it’s the Moto X+1 but given that it’s headed to Verizon, it could also be a new DROID. A recent rumour that turned out to be inaccurate indicated that the two companies were to have unveiled new DROIDs on August 1. The date may have been wrong but Verizon’s DROID lineup is certainly well within the window of a refresh. New devices could well be on the horizon.

Motorola is rumoured to be launching not only the Moto X+1 and new DROIDs but also a 5.9-inch Nexus 6 phablet (codename Shamu) for Google. And then there is the much anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch that should launch with the Moto X+1. Could the Motorola XT1096 be one of those or is it something else entirely?

Source : AndroidCentral