Google and Motorola working on 5.9-inch Nexus codenamed Shamu

Google Nexus

Rumours earlier this year predicted that Google was ready to axe its Nexus program in favour of a new one called Android Silver favouring a range of high-end smartphones running stock or near stock Android. One likely casualty appeared to be the next Nexus smartphone. Comments by Dave Burke, head of Android engineering, in late June have since indicated that Google remains committed to the Nexus program. Add to that a raft of rumours of a Google Nexus 9 tablet manufactured by HTC and it appears that at least one more generation of Nexus devices is planned. Now comes word that Google and Motorola are working together on what could well be a new Nexus smartphone codenamed Shamu.

Little is known about the Shamu at this point except that it could sport a 5.9-inch display and a fingerprint sensor. The former would certainly be very convenient if the device is to be released as the Google Nexus 6. The two companies are reportedly aiming for a November launch with “major US carriers” as well as other carriers across the world, including markets where Nexus devices are not currently sold.

No images of the Shamu exist but the device appears to have popped up at least once on Google’s issue tracker in reference to an Android L bug. The details also reveal that the device is running a Google-built kernel, something that would be somewhat unusual should the Shamu not be a Nexus device.

It’s too soon to say that Google will unveil Android L with both a new Nexus smartphone and tablet. Let’s hope that new information comes to light quickly to shed more light on this.

Source : AndroidPolice