OnePlus getting ready for Black Friday

OnePlus Black Friday 2014 teaserBlack Friday is just around the corner and the hype is in full swing. Once a traditional U.S. tradition, its reach is slowly extending to cover the globe. Canadian retailers have already embraced it and we are now seeing countries as far as Asia jump on the bandwagon. OnePlus is but the latest case in point.

The Chinese company has updated its website with a countdown to a Black Friday shopping event. There are no details about what it has in store but it does promise that “greatness awaits.”

Given that OnePlus already sells the OnePlus One at what it claims is cost or nearly so, it is unlikely that it will suddenly discount it in a significant fashion. It may take new orders without an invitation like it has done twice already. Discounts on accessories are also a strong possibility.

Whatever shape the OnePlus Black Friday sale takes, you’ll need fast fingers and a bit of luck if past pre-order windows are any indication.

Source : OnePlus