OnePlus scraps plans for smartwatch to stay focused on smartphones

Rumoured OnePlus OneWatch

Rumours first surfaced back in mid-2014 that OnePlus might be planning to launch a smartwatch. They faded away quickly, leaving the Chinese company to focus on smartphones. A number of competitors, including market leader Apple, have since released smartwatches of their own. Somewhat surprisingly, it turns out that OneWatch may have come quite close to launching a smartwatch before it decided to […]

OnePlus nearly launched a fitness tracker


OnePlus, the Chinese company that entered the smartphone market last year with the OnePlus One smartphone that managed to strike a balance between price and more than decent specifications, has since released the OnePlus 2 and this week the OnePlus X. Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, this week revealed that the company’s ambitions did not stop at smartphones. It very nearly […]

Cyanogen and OnePlus go their separate ways


Cyanogen today confirmed what many had expected as soon as OnePlus announced plans to develop its own Android-based mobile operating system. Speaking today at a conference in China, company CTO Steve Kondik confirmed that its partnership with OnePlus has come to an end. “That’s probably the last you will see from that partnership unfortunately,” he said. “Two new companies are […]

OnePlus to make “anything can happen” announcement on April 20th

OnePlus April 20 2015 teaser

OnePlus took to Facebook and Twitter yesterday to announce that it will make an announcement on Monday, April 20th. Precious little is revealed as the company only promises that “From here on out, anything could happen.” It remains to be seen if OnePlus will unveil a new device or will instead finally announce the demise of its invite system. OnePlus […]

Black Friday: OnePlus One available without invitation for next three days

OnePlus Black Friday 2014 teaser

As promised earlier this week, OnePlus today launched its Black Friday sale. While its OnePlus One flagship smartphone has not been discounted, it will be available to order without the need for an invitation or having to scramble to get an order submitted within a narrow pre-order window for three days (or until stock runs out). If that’s not enough, accessories […]

OnePlus getting ready for Black Friday

OnePlus Black Friday 2014 teaser

Black Friday is just around the corner and the hype is in full swing. Once a traditional U.S. tradition, its reach is slowly extending to cover the globe. Canadian retailers have already embraced it and we are now seeing countries as far as Asia jump on the bandwagon. OnePlus is but the latest case in point. The Chinese company has […]