OnePlus readying OnePlus Tab (Updated – Fake)

Rumoured OnePlus TabIt looks like those who “Never Settle” will soon be able to order a tablet to go with their smartphone. OnePlus announced its first smartphone, the OnePlus One, back in April and has since been slowly (and even more slowly for the many looking to order the device) ramping up production and shipments. It now appears that it is also readying a second device. A leaked image of a new version of its website shows a link for a second device called the OnePlus Tab on the menu bar between the OnePlus One and Accessories.

Unfortunately, little is known about the OnePlus Tab at this point, especially as the page we’re shown features the OnePlus One rather than the new device.

With no information to go on, all we can do right now is conjecture a bit. Based on the name alone, it may well be a tablet or a phablet. A tablet certainly makes more sense than a second, possibly larger smartphone, as it could be sold as a companion device.

OnePlus is likely to once again turn to is user community to get the word out about its latest device. Let’s hope that the company has improved its supply chain processes so that those who want to get their hands on it don’t have to hope to win a lottery like people do now for the OnePlus One. It could also market it as the “2014 Flaghip Tablet Killer” much as the OnePlus One is the “2014 Flagship Killer.”

Much like the OnePlus One, we can expect the OnePlus Tab to come with impressive specifications and a surprisingly (or less so now that we know what the company is capable of) affordable for a device of that caliber.

Rest assured that we’ll bring you any further details that surface about the OnePlus Tab so keep it locked here.

Update (7/3/2014): For all those looking forward to a OnePlus tablet, there is bad news. The story is a hoax. OnePlus reached out to @evleaks with a brief: “No tablet coming out – photo was photoshopped.”

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