Photos of Sprint LG G3 inside its box

Rumoured Sprint LG G3 unboxingSprint Wireless announced yesterday that it will begin to take pre-orders for the LG G3 on July 11 ahead of a launch on July 18. Do you want to know what you’ll get in the box? Sadly, we do not have an LG G3 here but a tipster who has proven to be reliable in the past has sent us a number of pictures of what we can only call an unboxing of the “shine gold” LG G3.

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The pictures in themselves reveal nothing new but we have additional information. We can also confirm that Sprint will carry the LG G3 model with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. This is also confirmed by MyLGPhones.

Curious about the LG Concierge Board app. We have the following screenshots to shed more light on how it will work. You can see below how it offers suggestions based on events like a missed call:

Rumoured LG G3 Concierge Board

And lastly, we also have some screenshots about LG Health:

Rumoured LG G3 LG Health app

The LG G3 is slowly making its way across the world. Aside from Sprint launching it on July 11, it will launch in Canada with a number of carriers on August 1.

Thanks, tipster!

Source : MyLGPhones