Pressy begins shipping Almighty Android Button

Pressy button

After a few false starts that disappointed more than one backer, Pressy today announced that its Pressy button, also known as the Almighty Android Button, has begun to ship. Some 15,000 orders shipped out yesterday and the remainder should be headed out by tomorrow.

There’s no stopping it now…all the Pressys from the first ever produced batch have left the factory! That’s 187 Cartons, 35062 Oz (994Kg) and one whole container filled with Pressys, amazing!

Pressy expects that most backers will receive their orders in the next 5 to 14 days. Backers in more remote locations may have to wait about three weeks though.

After some confusion whether it would make ito the Google Play store or not, the Pressy app is now available for download as well. The app requires an activation code that comes with Pressy shipments. The activation is a one-time affair and may not even be required for other devices as long as they use the same Google account.

We’ll have a review of the Pressy button once we get ours (no shipment notification yet).

Source : Kickstarter