Project Ara announces names of 100 beta testers to receive free devices

Motorola AraThe first Project Ara modular smartphones are expected to launch in early 2015. Given that the idea of being able to modify and upgrade a smartphone on the fly is a new concept, Google launched the Project Ara Scout program back in late 2013. The idea was to ask people interested in the concept to complete “special missions” and provide feedback to Google to help it shape the project. Google yesterday announced the names of 100 Project Ara Scout who will receive a free phone.

The announcement makes good on a promise that Google had made when it launched the program. It had said that “If together we can make Project Ara a success, a hundred of the most active scouts will receive an early release version at no cost.”

Winners span the globe and there are even a few Canadians on the list. Our congratulations to all!

Google will now spend the next 8 months refining the Ara prototype. That would indicate that the Project Ara launch date has slipped from January 2015 to March 2015 (and could slip some more if more challenges come up). The Google will once again be looking for feedback and advice when it ships and it may also expand the program to other projects (like Tango?).

Are you on the list?

Source : Dscout