Indiegogo mobile app launches in Canada

Indiegogo iOS appCrowdfunding company Indiegogo is going mobile in Canada. The company today announced the launch of the Indiegogo mobile app for iOS devices. The U.S.-based company will make the app available only in Canada initially. “The Canadian users have been great with their feedback and we feel like it’s a great opportunity,” explained Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin.

Discover and fund products, projects and causes you love on Indiegogo. Whether you’re interested in next-gen gadgets, indie films or saving kittens, you can now keep tabs on your favorite Indiegogo campaigns anytime, anywhere.

The Indiegogo app will allow users to not only support campaigns but also run their own. For example, you will be notified every time you receive a contribution, be able to manage comments and post updates including photos.

Today’s announcement comes as Indiegogo is increasingly being used on mobile devices. Rubin even added that should he be launching Indiegogo today, there would have been a good chance it would have gone mobile-only.

Indiegogo chose Canada for its soft launch not only because of the user feedback but also because it is its second largest market and features a wide range of fundraising campaigns. As you would expect for a Canadian launch, it works both in English and French.

The Indiegogo mobile app will launch in additional countries including the U.S. within a couple of months. An Android version will follow before the end of the year.

Sources : Apple App Store // 680 News