Prototype Samsung Shark L mobile phone headed to India

Zauba import notice for Samsung Shark LWith as deep a smartphone portfolio as Samsung has, it should come as no surprise that the manufacturer is working on new mobile phones at all times. Zauba, India’s import tracking database, has over the years revealed a number of upcoming devices and it now appears that another can be added to the list. The Samsung Shark L entered India for the usual “R & D purpose & evaluation & not for retail sale.”

No details about the Samsung Shark L are revealed in the lone entry spotted to date. Other devices codenamed Shark can be found on Zauba but are over a year older, suggesting that Samsung may be using a very similar codename for this new device.

The only detail we have about the Samsung Shark L is the declared value of INR12,585 (about CA$230). This would suggest an entry-level device rather than a new flagship one.

We’ll keep your eyes and ears open to see if more information surfaces about the Samsung Shark L in the coming days and weeks.

Thanks, tipster!

Source : Zauba