Retirement gift from @evleaks reveals Moto X+1

Rumoured Moto X+1 for Verizon

The famed @evleaks announced his retirement earlier this month. Today, he decided to provide us with one last “retirement gift.” It consists of renders of the Moto X+1 in both black and white, the latter with a wooden back plate. Both also sport Verizon branding, confirming at least one U.S. carrier for us.

The new images match those of some earlier rumours. Very reminiscent of the original Moto X, the Moto X+1 nonetheless sports a few differences. The front appears to show stereo speakers and what could be new sensors (the small dots on either side of the speaker) below the display. Consitent with other images, the back reveals a flash assembly that encircles the camera. A closer look suggests that the ring itself could be decorative with two flashes embedded in it at the camera’s sides. There is also a dimpled Motorola logo on the back.

The second model on the leaked image also confirms that customization, presumably through MotoMaker, will once again be an option.

Motorola is expected to announce the Moto X+1 at a press event on September 4. The press renders show a date of September 17 which could be the official launch date. Past rumours had pegged the Verizon launch for September 25 so the date may have been moved up (or the rumour was simply wrong).

Source : @evleaks