Rogers LG G Flex Tip: How to Access the All Auto test menu

LG G FlexLG has built a useful feature into the LG G Flex that lets you troubleshoot issues before you send it to a repair center. The All Auto Test will run through a set of diagnostic tests that can help you determine whether the issue is hardware or software related. So, how do you access the All Auto test menu? It’s quite simple:

1. 3845#*950# in dial
2. Select Device Test
3. Press Power Button & Select AATFULL(+power key)
4. Select All Auto Test – Full

If your LG G Flex pass all the test items, you know that your device’s hardware is fine and that there is no need to immediately send it to a repair center. Instead, your next step should be to boot your phone into safe mode and see if there is a third party app (or apps) causing the problem.

This All Auto Test can be run on the LG G Flex now available from Rogers Wireless in Canada as well as from other carriers.

We hope you find this useful.