Samsung GT-I304 to be new Galaxy Mega phablet?

Zauba import notice for Samsung GT-I304While the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 looks set to stay with a 5.7-inch display (albeit with a WQHD resolution this time), Samsung also appears to be planning other larger phablets. Zauba, India’s import tracking database, has revealed that Samsung has sent the GT-I304 to India for “testing & evaluation.”

Zauba reveals little about the Samsung GT-I304 except that it will come with a 6-inch display. It also reveals that a number of variants are in the works. It lists the GT-I304C, GT-I304F, GT-I304G and GT-I304H. The GT-I9304F looks to be headed to Europe while the GT-I9304C appears destined for the Middle East and Asia. It’s not clear where the other variants are going. All appear to be single-SIM devices.

With little else to go on, we can only conjecture about what the Samsung GT-I304 could be. One possibility is that it could be a new Samsung Galaxy Mega device meant to capitalize on consumers’ growing appetite for larger-sized devices.

With the crucial holiday shopping season soon upon us, we can expect manufacturers to unveil a raft of new devices. We’ll have to see if the Samsung GT-I9304 is among them.

Source : Zauba