Second All New HTC One teaser focuses on unibody design

HTC teaser for The All New HTC OneAs we expected, last week’s All New HTC One teaser will not be the only teaser HTC releases ahead of its March 25 announcement. It release a second video today. This one focuses on the HTC One’s metal unibody design.

In episode #2, our engineer and the “average guy” are back to explain the feature we’ve all grown to love—the all-metal body on the HTC One.

Again, we first get a technical explanation: Aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, magnesium and other rare elements, 0.05 millimeters for machining tolerance and more. That’s followed by one in plain English: “It’s all metal.” As with the last one, the All New HTC One then makes a heavily pixelated appearance while its Unibody improvements are drowned out by music.

Check it out for yourselves:

Needless to say, we’ll need to tune in on March 25 when HTC holds simultaneous events in New York and London to unveil its All New HTC One. Unfortunately for HTC, leaks have effectively revealed all that there is to know about its next flagship smartphone.