Sonos releases new Sonos Controller App for Android and iOS

Sonos Controller app

If you own any Sonos audio products, there was good news for you this week. Sonos announced the release of a complete overhaul of its Sonos Controller app for Android and iOS after a beta program that stretched back to March.

The new user interface is certainly the most noticeable change. It’s much cleaner and performance has also been improved. Sonos has also enhanced its universal search. With support for 38 music streaming services worldwide, the new search will make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it be an artist or a particular song. The new playlist feature lets you pull together music from any source available to you. An alarm feature also lets you schedule multiple alarms on as many speakers as you want. It’s also easier to browse through the different music services for those time you’re looking for something new.

With the ability to have Sonos in multiple rooms, the app has been enhanced to give you better control over individual rooms. You can now play different music in each room or group them to play the same song simultaneously.

The Sonos Controller app is compatible with Android 2.1 and above and iOS 6 and above. It is a free download from the respective app store.

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