Sony Mobile considers launching multiple Windows Phone 8 smartphones?


The rumours that Sony Mobile is contemplating releasing a Windows Phone 8 smartphone in 2014 appear to be gathering momentum. Following a report earlier this month that Sony was considering launching such a smartphone under its Vaio brand, new details suggest that its plans may be somewhat more expansive than a single device. Hit-and-miss Digitimes today reported that the Japanese company could launch two such smartphones and is even thinking about an additional two or three more.

The report adds that Sony will use Compal as the ODM so that it can continue to focus its own R&D efforts on Android and Firefox models. Sony also appears to be taking a cautious approach with orders for the initial devices to be for no more than tens of thousands of units. With Nokia expected to account for 90% of Windows Phone sales in 2014, a strategy to gauge customer reaction before deciding whether to jump in with both feet does not appear to be unreasonable.

Sony would reportedly sell its Windows Phone 8 smartphones in its home country as well as in the U.S. through carriers.

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Source : Digitimes