Upcoming Oppo N3 to use lithium-aluminium alloy frame

Oppo N3 teaserWe don’t often cover news about the Oppo here at EyeOnMobility given that its devices are not readily available in North America. But when the Chinese company confirms that it will use an alloy not yet seen in the mobile space for an upcoming smartphone, our ears perk up. After teasing that the new Oppo N3 chassis would be light enough to be lifted by nothing more than a few balloons, CEO Chenming Yong confirmed on China’s Weibo social network that the smartphone will indeed sport a lithium-aluminium alloy frame, an industry first.

As the name implies, lithium-aluminium alloys use both aluminium and lithium. Lithium is significantly lighter than aluminium, making these alloys lighter than stainless steel and aluminium. At the same time, they are as strong as stainless steel. They are primarily used in the aerospace industry, including in the airframe of some modern commercial jetliners.

Oppo could soon be the first smartphone manufacturer to use a lithium-aluminium alloy frame. In light of the ongoing Apple iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate affair which resulted in the Apple iPhone 6 Dali Edition, the teaser certainly appears timely.

There is no word on when Oppo will announce the Oppo N3 but the teasers suggest it will not be much longer. It is unlikely to make its way to North America unfortunately but perhaps other manufacturers will also adopt the alloy for upcoming devices.

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