Video: Microsoft’s first Nokia ad

Microsoft ad for Nokia devicesWith its acquisition of Nokia’s Devices & Services group now complete, Microsoft is wasting no time ramping up the marketing. Claiming that the move “has made everything #MoreColorful”, it today released its first Nokia ad entitled “Not Like Everybody Else” that plays up that claim.

Color runs through our devices; it’s part of our DNA. From the bright and bold Nokia X family to the metallic-fused Lumia 930, our colors draw attention and make heads turn. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors and what many of you love about our design ethos.

We’re not like everybody else. Are you?


The video shows a single person walking through a world of drab black, greys and white. Only he is in colour, thanks to the bright yellow Nokia Lumia 1020 he carries. Walking down a drab street brings envious and awestruck looks from the people whose path he crosses. More colour splashes across the screen towards the end when we see a second person, this one using a bright red Nokia Lumia tablet.

Much as Nokia has done in the past, Microsoft is looking to differentiate its Windows Phone devices in a market where many devices look the same and often only come in black and white. It’s unlikely that colour alone will help Microsoft take on Android and iOS but the message of being different and rather unique might connect with consumers.

If the song is familiar, it’s because it’s the classic The Kinks song ‘Not Like Everybody Else.’

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