Will Samsung unveil the Galaxy Gear 2 at CES 2014?

Samsung UK Galaxy Gear 2 teaser?

A rumour last week hinted that Samsung would unveil the Galaxy Gear 2, the follow-up to the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch launched back in September, at MWC 2014. A tweet by @SamsungMobileUK this week suggested that the launch could come even sooner, perhaps as soon as CES 2014. Why else post this teaser just ahead of one of the most important trade shows of the year?

At the same time, the hint does ask, “What do you want Samsung to unveil in 2014?” (our emphasis). Nowhere does Samsung UK mention CES or MWC for that matter. For all we know, the new Galaxy Gear 2 could be unveiled several months from now.

With the original Galaxy Gear having launched just over three months ago, it may be a bit too early to unveil a new model. At the same time, Samsung may have decided to move quickly to address limitations of this first model, something it has reportedly itself acknowledged, in a bid to keep momentum behind its nascent device category.

It could as easily be that Samsung is hinting at other wearables or even something completely different.

What would you like to see Samsung unveil in 2014? Let us know below.

Source : @SamsungMobileUK