Toggle Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and flashlight with Google Now voice commands

Google Android 5.0 LollipopGoogle Android 5.0 first launched back on last fall but it appears to have managed to keep a few secrets until now. AndroidPolice has discovered that it is now possible to both turn on and off certain settings using Google Now voice commands but only on devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop. If you have Android’s latest on your device, you can now turn on or off your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and built-in flashlight (also known as the rear flash under different circumstances) with a simple “OK Google” voice command.

Each of the the three commands will not only toggle the setting as desired but will also present a small card that makes it easy to also reverse your command. Alternatively, you can simply give your device another voice command to undo your last one.

Each works by simply saying “Ok Google. Turn [on / off] [Bluetooth / Wi-Fi /Flashlight].

Google Now Bluetooth voice command

It appears that Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the flashlight are the only three settings that can currently be voice controlled. Other settings such as Brightness or Location will instead send you to their settings tabs.

It’s not clear exactly when Google enabled these new voice commands. They might have been included with Lollipop itself or been introduced more recently in a recent Search update. Whichever it is, the new commands are a nice addition to the growing list of voice commands that Google Now offers.

Just remember that this is only available on Android 5.0 for now. There is no word on whether Google will offer these commands on older versions of Android as well.

Source : Android Police