CES 2015: LG and Audi cooperating on webOS smartwatch

LG Audi smartwatch (LG-W120L)LG’s plans to bring webOS to smartwatches appear to be further along than a report earlier today indicated. A new LG smartwatch was first spotted yesterday during Audi’s press conference at CES 2015. Worn by Ulrich Hackenberg, it was used during the presentation to call a self-driving car to the stage.

The round watch is similar to the LG G Watch R but the three buttons on the side immediately revealed it to be something new. No details about the watch were revealed during the presentation but Android Central was able to learn today that it is just a prototype at this point. But more interesting is the fact that it is not powered by Android Wear as many expected but webOS.

Identified as the LG-W120L, it runs on Open webOS. The build number is only listed as ‘Unofficial’ with the software version identified as W120L08j. Applications loaded on the watch include an Audi app (that can presumably remotely control some car functions), an email app, a calendar, the LG Health W app, a Gallery app and more. It also appears to sport some kind of cellular connectivity.

LG Audi smartwatch (LG-W120L)

The model number LG-W120L was first spotted back in early summer 2014, suggesting that LG has been at work on this device for some time now.

LG is reportedly looking to launch its webOS smartwatch in early 2016.

Sources : AndroidCentral // The Verge