LG-W120L to be another LG G Watch variant?

LG-W120L on LG U+ websiteAnother possible model number has surfaced for the upcoming LG G Watch. Following the discovery of the LG-W100 which already dropped by the FCC and LG-W105L, a similar model number has now popped up on the website of Korean carrier LG U+. It lists the LG-W120L among other devices.

There is no information to go with the model number. Assuming it is indeed a smartwatch, the L, first seen with the LG-W105L, designation would suggest it will be another model to come with its own USIM module (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) to allow it to make and receive calls without needing to connect to to another device.

Separately, we have received word of more possible variants including the following:

  • LG-W105K
  • LG-W105S

Since announcing the LG G Watch in March, LG has released a few details about it but key specifications are still not known. What we know is that it will be powered by Android Wear, will sport an always-on display and will be waterproof. Rumours have suggested it will come with a 1.65-inch display with a resolution of 280 by 280 pixels and 4GB of internal memory.

LG announced plans to launch the LG G Watch in Q2. If it is still on track, that means we will see it sometime later this month. It could sell as low as US$199 (about CA$220).

LG G Watch

Source : MyLGPhones