Concept Sunday: Apple Watch 2 for 2016

Apple Watch 2 concept by Eric HuismannApple is likely to follow up its Apple Watch with a new model sometime next year; it’s simply the nature of the market. We’ve already seen one take on what the Apple Watch 2 might look like. Today, we feature a different concept for the Apple Watch 2. Whereas the first one we featured went for a round dial design, this new take by Eric Huismann, is an evolution of the current model.

Smaller bezels and a thinner design combine to allow for a larger display while keeping the Apple Watch’s dimensions pretty much unchanged. OLED technology promises a brighter display and improved readability outdoors. An integrated FaceTime camera will let you snap 1.2MP pictures as well as make FaceTime calls. GPS and improved Wi-Fi could help further reduce direct dependence on a connected iPhone.

Apple Watch 2 concept by Eric Huismann

The Apple Watch 2 could also come not only in the 38 and 42 millimeter configurations we are familiar with but a new larger 45mm one as well (presumably with a larger battery in two to maintain battery life at expected levels).

Apple Watch 2 concept by Eric Huismann

New case and strap materials are also on tap. Along with new stainless steel alloys, we could see luxury materials such as platinum and models sporting diamond stonework to allow Apple to continue to push its smartwatch into the luxury space. New strap options for the Apple Watch 2 will incorporate a number of sensors including ones to measure body temperature and blood pressure. There would also presumably new colours and materials.

Huismann’s Apple Watch 2 concept certainly sounds like a plausible replacement for the current model. It will be interesting to see just how close this concept matches up against the real thing when it is announced.

Source : Handy Abovergleich