Concept Sunday: ERGO smartwatch concept

ERGO smartwatch conceptSharp last year unveiled a new technology called Free-Form Display that allows them to give displays any shape they want and lo longer restricts them to rectangular shapes. Sharp highlighted the benefits of the new technology for the automotive industry but also the mobile space, suggesting we could soon see “wearable devices with elliptical displays.” The ERGO smartwatch concept by Jeabyun Yeon gives us an idea of where this technology could take us.

At first glance, it appears that the ERGO smartwatch comes with three small round displays. Upon closer examination, you can see that there is but a single display with rather a unique shape.

In the image above, the display shows different information in three distinct sub-dials. In the image below, the display adapts to give us just two sub-dials, including a wider one to display an incoming message. The smaller sub-dial identifies the type of notification and who it’s from.

ERGO smartwatch concept


The ERGO smartwatch display could also be customized for specific apps. In the case below, the display becomes three buttons to control your music playing.

ERGO smartwatch concept

A single hardware button complement the ERGO’s touchscreen display for additional functionality.

The ERGO could be offered in a range of case and strap materials. Best of all, it could also come in other unique display shapes.

Source : Behance