Concept Sunday: Fitbit Redesigned

Fitbit Redesigned conceptIDC’s report that Apple took second place in global wearables shipments in Q2 2015 was not welcome news for Fitbit and others. While it remained the top wearables manufacturer this past quarter, it may not do so for much longer. While consumers are not likely to abandon fitness trackers any time soon, Fitbit may have a harder time convincing them to keep buying such products in the future. Concepts such as this redesigned Fitbit by Syed Rahman could help make such products more compelling.

Fitbit Redesigned concept

The new Fitbit, let’s call it the Fitbit Redesigned, is unlike anything Fitbit currently offers but is closest to the Fitbit Surge. The main housing incorporates a touchscreen display with two tactile buttons, one above it and one below. New wristband slots make it easy to swap out bands and also work with the charger.

Fitbit Redesigned concept

A wide range of bands allows you to very quickly modify the look of the Fitbit Redesigned. With a wide range of materials and colours, it’s easy to go from casual to professional and anywhere in between.

Size-wise, it appears to retain the compact design of current Fitbit products.

As for the software, all of the usual Fitbit tracking functions appear to be onboard. A heart rate monitor adds functionality that Fitbit currently only offers with the Charge HR and Surge. The new touchscreen display allows for the introduction of new interactions such as swipes and taps.

Source : Shaping Elements