Concept Sunday: Tago Arc e-ink bracelet promises endless designs

Tago Arc e-ink braceletNot all wearables are designed to track your activities or bring you the latest notifications. A growing number are also pushing the boundaries of fashion. While some such as a dress made up smartphones may not exactly be practical, others are striving to blend fashion and technology into something that aspires to simply be “awesome jewelry.” Case in point is the Tago Arc e-ink bracelet.

It promises “infinite display possibilities” by allowing you to transfer an image over to the bracelet via NFC. The Tago Arc is effectively one large curved e-ink 16-colour greyscale 150PPI screen that will display the image you just transferred to it. When you’re bored with that image, simply replace with a new one. Voila, a new bracelet almost instantly.

The tago arc is a durable premium quality accessory that always matches the wearer’s mood and clothing. It’s lightweight and fashionable. The wearer won’t have to be annoyed by dying batteries and elaborate app settings. The tago arc is a comfortable wearable tech for the sole purpose of looking good on one’s wrist. It’s not a smartwach or a smart-accessory, it doesn’t have any buttons or ports, we won’t burden you with the pain of Bluetooth pairing and it doesn’t need recharging… ever. It is simply an awesome jewelry.

Because the Tago Arc uses an e-ink display, it requires very little power. Good-bye daily charging. And when a charge is needed, it only needs an NFC connection to your smartphone to pull the little power required.

It will be possible for you to create your own pictures as well as buy them from the Tago app and Pic Shop where they will be available “for a few dollars.” Artists and designers will be able to submit their designs and sell them.

Tago Arc e-ink bracelet

The Tago Arc will not be a concept for much longer. Its Indiegogo campaign has already been fully funded. Backers can pick up their bracelet in black, gold or silver in one of three different sizes for US$259 (about CA$325). Shipments are expected to begin in early 2016.

Unfortunately, the Tago Arc is currently only for Android devices. While the Apple iPhone 6 supports NFC, it is currently locked down and not available to third party developers. Should that change in the future, you can expect that an iOS application will follow.

Source : Indiegogo