Cyanogen and OnePlus go their separate ways

CyanogenCyanogen today confirmed what many had expected as soon as OnePlus announced plans to develop its own Android-based mobile operating system. Speaking today at a conference in China, company CTO Steve Kondik confirmed that its partnership with OnePlus has come to an end. “That’s probably the last you will see from that partnership unfortunately,” he said. “Two new companies are trying to do crazy stuff, a lot of people collide.”

Cracks in the relationship first appeared when OnePlus tried to launch the OnePlus One in India in late 2014. An exclusive agreement between Cyanogen and local manufacturer MicroMax resulted in a temporary ban on OnePlus One sales in the country. While the two companies continued to work together, the signs were clear and the Cyanogen and OnePlus partnership was on borrowed time from that moment on.

While Cyanogen 12 was pushed out to the OnePlus One earlier this month, OnePlus now has its own operating system, OxygenOS. The company promises it will allow for “faster, more meaningful updates.”

For its part, Cyanogen is now looking forward to expand further by partnering with new Chinese handset manufacturers on devices aimed at the global market rather than the Chinese market specifically. “OnePlus shipped reasonable volume, but nothing compared to what some of these other partners can ship,” explained Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster said. “So we are working with partners that can scale much quicker.”

Source : PC World