Decking out your Pebble Time for the Christmas holidays

Pebble Time SteelA quick look at the calendar today reveals that Christmas is now only 10 days away. The holiday season is well and truly underway. By now, you have hopefully strung up your Christmas lights, the tree is brightly decorated and the Christmas music is on heavy rotation.

Is there anything that has yet to catch the holiday season bug? Have a quick look at the Pebble Time (or Time Steel) on your wrist. Does it do its part to celebrate the season? If not, we have some recommendations for you to quickly fix that.

1.) XMas Countdown by Microbyte
X-Mas Countdown Pebble watch face

First up is a countdown to Christmas. Along with the date and time, you’ll know exactly how many shopping days you have left. And some snow to remind you of the season – a welcome addition especially if you’re in a part of the world where there is none or where it has yet to show up!

2.) Mean One by Microbyte

Mean One Pebble watch face

If “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a favourite of yours, you can now keep an eye on the one who tried to find “some way to stop Christmas from coming!” Alternatively, you can choose his not mean at all, faithful sidekick!

The hours show up in a small snow globe that runs along a wreath while the minutes are displayed on the other side in a more traditional analog display.

3.) Par 25 by dezign999


Par 25 Pebble watch face

For those who have wondered how Santa can deliver so many presents in so little time, the Par 25 presents a working hypothesis that is likely to find many supporters among golfers.

If Santa taking a swing every minute is not fast enough, you can flick your wrist to have Santa take the next one faster.

4.) AdvenTime by stilvoid

AdvenTime Pebble watch face

AdvenTime is for advent calendars lovers. It will give you a different Christmas picture every day. In fact, things started back on December 1st. But even if you missed the first few, it rotates through unlocked pictures every minute and you’ll soon have caught up!

Sadly, it does not include chocolate.

5.) Snowman by Fat Russell

If you don’t celebrate Christmas but are still looking to get into the spirit of the season, how can you go wrong with a snowman? Who does not want to go out and make a snowman as soon as the first snow of the season arrives?

Will you decorate your Pebble Time smartwatch for the holidays? Let us know below!

Source : Pebble App Store