7% of Americans planning to gift an Apple Watch this holiday season

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch dominates the smartwatch market. It accounted for 74% of all smartwatch shipments in Q3 according to Strategy Analytics. Its domination could grow even further this quarter if a recent Reuters poll is any indication.

According to the Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted last week, about 7 percent of U.S. adults plan on giving an Apple Watch to someone (or themselves) this holiday season. That may not sound like a large number but it could translate to sales of about 16 million Apple Watches. And that’s only sales in the U.S.

The numbers are even more impressive among Apple’s loyal fans. 62% of those who already have an Apple Watch (about 6% of respondents) plan are planning to gift one this season.

People may have been even more generous with their Apple Watch gifting plans if not for the price. With a price that starts at US$349 but quickly ramps up to much more, it is “definitely not a stocking stuffer” according to at least one respondent.

The poll also found that 91% of current owners use the Apple Watch as much if not more than when they purchased it. 63% of them wear it daily and only 5% have stopped wearing it altogether. Despite this, a killer app has yet to emerge for Apple’s first smartwatch.

Are you planning to give someone an Apple Watch? Or have you asked for one yourself? Let us know below.

Source : Reuters