Huami Amazfit fitness tracker unveiled

Huami AmazefitHuami is probably not a familiar name when it comes to wearables. The Chinese company launched back in January 2014 with funding from Xiaomi and Shunwei Capital Partners. The company has been mentioned in the past as a development partner for the very successful Xiaomi Mi Band and a rumoured upcoming Xiaomi smartwatch. Huami this week struck out on its own and unveiled the Amazfit, a new fitness tracker.

Huami Amazefit

Sporting a rather unique design for such a device, the Amazfit looks like a donut. Made of ceramic with an anti-fingerprint film coating, it is available in either black or white. It can be worn as a bracelet with an optional strap (available in a range of styles including a watch-like one) or as a pendant with a necklace accessory. As you can see, it does not come with a display of any kind.

Huami Amazefit

Like many other fitness trackers, the Amazfit offers activity tracking and sleep pattern monitoring. it can also vibrate to alert you of a new notification. Without a display, it promises a battery life as long as 10 days on a single charge despite a very small 15mAh battery (which can be recharged wirelessly). It is also waterproof with an IP68 rating.

The Huami Amazfit pairs to a smartphone via Bluetooth. An app provides a summary of relevant information including tracking against set goals as well as tailored health advice.

The Huami Amazfit is now on sale in China. It remains to be seen if it will ever make it outside of Asia.

Source : Amazfit