Concept Sunday: Vision Pro Watch 3 revealed

Vision Pro Watch 3 by Hass T.We did not have to wait very long for Hass.T to give us a better look at his Vision Pro Watch 3 luxury smartwatch after he teased us last month. It is billed as “my own answer to the Apple Watch, LG Watch Urbane, the Moto 360, in fact, all of the smart wearables you can buy.”

The Vision Pro Watch 3 is designed to be “a full on smart wearable” while retaining the look and feel of a luxury timepiece. The all-metal case sports brushed stainless steel bezels while the sides and lugs are polished steel. It gives the impression of an inner ring floating within an outer ring.

Vision Pro Watch 3 by Hass T.

The round display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. The watch is finished with a Hexagonal Quilted Leather or Hexa Quilted Leather strap.

The design of the clasp itself certainly lends itself to storing a few sensors.

This particular model is finished in champagne gold with a chocolate brown hex quilted leather strap with a stainless steel clasp.

Perhaps in answer to our question last time, Hass.T has revealed that the Vision Pro Watch 3 is powered by Android Wear with a new interface called “Pro Watch OS.” We only get a brief glimpse of the new skin but more images are promised.

Vision Pro Watch 3 by Hass T.

Source : Google+ (Hass.T)