Interactive watch faces headed to Android Wear

Android Wear watchesWe first learned that interactive watch faces were coming to Android Wear earlier this summer. Google yesterday made it all official by unveiling a number of such watch faces.

As the name implies, interactive watch faces will offer a greater degree of interactivity. A single tap will now allow the watch face to change its design, reveal more information or even launch a specific app.

ustwo Bits Watch Face

For example, the ustwo Bits Watch Face will feature a number of complications on the dial. Tapping any of these will toggle an inline expansion that will offer more information. Among the complications offered are the weather, a calendar, new email, stocks and more.

Android Wear’s Together Watch Face

Android Wear’s Together Watch Face will let you pair up with a partner, “so you can stay together even when you’re apart.” You’ll be able to send each other little sketches, photos, emojis and stickers as well as share activities, all from the watch face itself.

Some watch faces already supported a very similar feature but relied on on workarounds such as accessing the service window or using invisible buttons to accomplish the same effect. With the feature now supported natively, it should be easier for developers to bring additional functionality to their watch faces.

The new interactive watch faces require Android Wear 1.3. This update will begin rolling out to all Android Wear devices “in the coming weeks.”


Source : Android Official Blog