LG Display to be sole display supplier for next-generation Apple Watch?

Apple WatchThat Apple is already hard at work on its next-generation Apple Watch is certain. Recent rumours have already hinted at new features such as the addition of a blood pressure monitor and sleep tracking features. Apple is also likely already talking to component suppliers, including LG Display, its current Apple Watch display supplier and dominant player in the smartwatch display market. A report out of South Korea suggests that the two companies will continue to work together with LG Display to continue as the exclusive display supplier.

The report adds that Apple considered taking a “multi-vendor” approach for the second generation Apple Watch. In the end, it decided to continue to work exclusively with LG Display because of their close relationship and more importantly, LG’s ability to deliver high-quality components in the volumes that Apple requires.

LG Display is one of a very small number of manufacturers capable of producing the plastic organic light-emitting diode (P-OLED) displays commonly found in smartwatches. Samsung is another but its difficult relationship with Apple certainly puts it at a disadvantage when it comes to supplying components that Apple can source elsewhere.

The report indicates that the second-generation Apple Watch will be released sometime in 2016.

Sources : MK Korea // G for Games