Concept Sunday: Flexible HTC Bracelet Phone

HTC flexible bracelet smartphoneWhile wearables are quickly becoming valuable companion devices to our smartphones. But they are unlikely to displace them any time soon as smartphones provide a superior experience in many ways thanks to the larger display, typing surfaces and more. Flexible materials hold the promise of taking the smartphone beyond the traditional slab form factor. Valeria Romanova, currently attending the British Higher School of Art & Design, is not the first to explore that promise with her concept of the flexible HTC Bracelet Phone.

Romanova predicts that flexible material technologies will have advanced enough by 2020 that people will essentially be able to shape their smartphones as they want. For example, rather than sticking it into your back pocket, you could shape it to wrap around your wrist, effectively transforming it into a smartwatch.


While most components will be flexible, Romanova realized that not all would be. For example, the camera lens cannot flex. To solve for that, she placed it behind some flexible glass to maintain a smooth surface.

A watch-mode would adjust the user interface to one more adapted to your wrist than the usual one.

The one downside to the proposed design is that the traditional slab design of smartphones is simply long long enough to wrap completely around the wrist as Romanova suggests. The device would need to be much longer and thinner to form a complete circle around one’s wrist. The solution may simply be to not form a complete circle.

What do you think? Would you want to be able to wrap your smartphone around your wrist? Let us know below.

Source : Behance