Microsoft Band 2 gets new music controls and activity reminder features

Microsoft Band music controlsMicrosoft is bringing some new software enhancements to the new Microsoft Band 2 just before the holidays. The company today announced that it is adding three new features that “customers have been asking for.”

The first feature brings music controls to the Microsoft Band. You will be able to use the touchscreen display to pause, play, skip forward and back, and turn the volume up and down without ever having to reach for your phone. The Band will also display the song title. It works with your favourite smartphone music app.

Microsoft Band activity reminder

The second feature may not be quite as popular. The Microsoft Band will now prompt you to get up and move around if you have not done so for a while. You can configure the intervals as well as the days you want to be reminded. You can also turn the feature off for certain periods of time such as when you’re sleeping.

Microsoft is also enhancing its Exercise Tile. It is now easier to track information like duration, calorie burn and heart rate for your favorite exercises. It is also easier to select popular training options, like yoga or weightlifting, and you can now name your own as well.

The new firmware update is now rolling out to the Microsoft Band 2. Microsoft has yet to confirm whether it will later be pushed out to the original Microsoft Band as well.

Source : Micrsoft Devices Blog