Microsoft patents smart ring capable of controlling smartphones

Microsoft smart ring patent applicationMicrosoft entered the wearables space with the Band and its recent successor the Band 2. It’s unlikely that its ambitions stop there and a recently discovered patent submitted to the USPTO (United States Patent Office) back in 2014. It suggests that the company has been working on a smart ring that would control other mobile devices through gestures and other actions for some time now.

A depth sensor would allow a companion device like a smartphone to detect motion and interpret gestures performed close by. The user would not need to touch the device at all but simply wave his hand in front of it. Supported gestures would include simple ones like moving or bending a finger to more complex ones involving more than one finger and even both hands.

The ring itself would be pressure-sensitive. This would allow it to detect when the finger is pressing against a surface. This would not only help better interpret gestures but also add more richness to the available gestures. At the same time, freeing the gestures from the constraints of small displays, especially on devices like a smartwatch, would potentially broaden the responsibilities considerably.

At least one illustration also suggests that it could be decorated with jewels. Microsoft clearly wants to ensure that its smart ring appeals to a broader consumer base than many wearables do today.

Microsoft smart ring patent application

The smart ring technology would not be limited to mobile devices. It could also be incorporated into smartglasses and VR headsets. The same ring that controls your smartphone could also be used to interact with other devices at home or even when you’re out and about.

Microsoft is not alone in exploring the potential of smart rings. Apple also recently filed a patent for its own smart ring technology. Its ring would incorporate  a touchscreen and a microphone for voice commands.


Source : Patently Mobile