Neptune teases “new Neptune unveil” coming in 10 days

Neptune teaserCanada’s own Neptune was among the first companies to offer a standalone connected smartwatch. Billed as an “experiment in mobile computing,” the Neptune Pine, which has been on sale since last year, effectively put your smartwatch on your wrist. Neptune is now getting ready to unveil something new. A tweet this morning reveals that it will unveil “the new Neptune” in 10 days.

As is so often the case, there is little to go on with today’s teaser. We’re presented with the silhouette of what could equally be a new wearable device or a new accessory for the Neptune Pine, headphones perhaps. Whatever it is appears to be made of textured material.

It’s not the first hint that Neptune has provided about its upcoming announcement A teaser over a month ago also promised “something truly amazing” but revealed even less.

Jumping over to website reveals the same teaser image and a countdown to the announcement. You can also subscribe with your email address to “be the first to know.”

At this point, your guess is as good as ours. Fortunately, February 17th is not far away and we’ll soon know what this new Neptune is all about.