Next Android Wear update to include interactive watch faces

Android Wear watchesGoogle I/O 2015 was a little sparse on new features for Android Wear, especially as the latest update had just been released shortly before Google’s latest developer conference. With an updates rumoured for later this summer, details are now emerging about two new features that could soon grace our smartwatches.

The first will add support for a  native single tap gesture for watch faces. This will make them more interactive, allowing users to trigger various functions such as toggling an inline expansion or launching a particular action.

Rumoured Android Wear interactive watchface

This gesture may already be something that you use on some watch faces. Developers who have implemented it rely on workarounds such as accessing the service window or using invisible buttons. Official support for this gesture will eliminate the potential issues that can arise with current implementations.

The new gesture will also mean that you will need to swipe from right to left to start the launcher in the new Android Wear version.

The second feature, which could be called ‘Together,’ is expected to enable watch-to-watch communications. Much as Apple Watch users can send each other their heart beats or small doodles, Together will allow Android Wear users to send each other such messages as well. According to code references, users will be able to send doodles, photos, emojis, stickers and messages.

Together only appears to work on a single watch face at this point. Phandroid points out that their information is “quite old” so hopefully the feature will be extended to all watch faces by the time the new update is ready. If not, it may leave users confused.

LG G Watch R owners will also be happy to hear that the update will also enable the Wi-Fi capabilities that was delivered in Android Wear 5.1.1 for other smartwatches. LG had confirmed that the feature would be enabled with a future update and it appears to be making good on that promise.

The next Android Wear update could be out as early as later this summer.

Source : Phandroid