Concept Sunday: HTC One Watch W1

HTC One Watch W1 conceptHTC first announced its intentions to enter the wearables market in October 2013. It made good earlier this year at Mobile World Congress when it unveiled the HTC Grip fitness tracker which is expected to launch later this year. Despite rumours of a smartwatch, one has yet to materialize although former HTC CEO and now Head of the company’s Future Development Lab Peter Chou confirmed back in March that the company was still working on it. In the meantime, we have already featured a number of concepts for an HTC Watch and today bring you another, the HTC One Watch W1 by Yusuf Catalkaya.

HTC One Watch W1 concept

HTC ONE Watch designed for your all day activities and your indispensable “ONE” experience. Getting your daily notifications and responding back, make your “ONE” experience more practically and professional. In order to do that, you can use the improved Voice Commands features.

HTC One Watch W1 concept

The HTC One Watch W1 opts an asymmetric design where the top of the smartwatch is slightly thicker than the bottom. It also goes for a rectangular case with tapered edges. It appears to be made of metal with three available colours (black, gold and silver).

The square touchscreen display curves slightly at the sides. It appears quite large but specific dimensions are not provided.

The HTC One Watch W1 features an HTC Sense interface that appears to be layered on Android. Touch controls are complemented by “super interactive voice commands.” All of the usual smartwatch capabilities appear to be on board.

HTC One Watch W1 concept

Other features it comes with include a heart rate monitor built into the case back and an infrared blaster built into the top of the case. A SIM card slot suggests that the watch also sports cellular connectivity.

With HTC struggling with its smartphone business, it remains to be seen if HTC will indeed offer up a smartwatch this year. If it does, would you like it to look like the HTC One Watch W1 concept?

Source : Behance