OnePlus to make “anything can happen” announcement on April 20th

OnePlus April 20 2015 teaser

OnePlus took to Facebook and Twitter yesterday to announce that it will make an announcement on Monday, April 20th. Precious little is revealed as the company only promises that “From here on out, anything could happen.” It remains to be seen if OnePlus will unveil a new device or will instead finally announce the demise of its invite system.

OnePlus announced its OnePlus One smartphone last April. It went to sell about a million units in 2014 despite some trials and tribulations along the way. Rumours of a successor have been around since at least last July but more recent ones point to a Q3 launch with a lower-cost device to sell for between US$150 and US$200 to follow before the end of the year.

Chances of a smartwatch announcement are slim at best but we’ll bring you the latest once this OnePlus announcement happens.

Source : @OnePlus