Original 1995 Apple Watch on sale on eBay for US$2,499

1995 Apple watchWe first told you about the original Apple Watch back in January. It was given away to customers as an incentive to upgrade to System 7.5 back in the mid-1990s. Limited quantities held in storage for about 20 years went on sale late last year and quickly sold out. If you missed out on that opportunity, two of these Apple Watches has now surfaced on eBay with a price worthy of one of a new Apple Watch Edition.

Currently listed with a starting bid of US$2,499 (about CA$3,075), the watch is described as “brand new with plastic seal on back.” The battery has been replaced and the watch is confirmed to be working well. Despite the hefty price, don’t expect that it will be able to connect to your iPhone; this is as traditional a watch as Apple could make.

The auction is set to close on April 24th. We’ll have to see just how high these Original Apple Watches will go. Could they end up selling for as much as an Apple Watch Edition?

If the original Apple Watch is too expensive, you can still pre-order the new Apple Watch which starts at US$349 (CA$449) but be prepared to wait a while to get your hands on it.

Drop us a note below to let us know if you plan on bidding for this original Apple Watch.

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