The five most expensive watches sold on eBay in 2018

Patek Philippe Grand Complications

While eBay may not immediately spring to mind when it comes to buying high-end watches, collectors and aficionados know that some some real treasures can surface on the online auction site (especially now that it offers a program that authenticates watches from selected sellers). The website this week released its list of 20 most expensive purchases of 2018 and two watches made […]

Unannounced Google Glass Enterprise Edition appears on eBay

Unannounced version of Google Glass

When Google shut down  its Glass Explorer program on January 19, 2015, it promised that we would “see future versions of Glass when they’re ready.” While Google has yet to unveil any new Glass products, rumours have hinted at a second-generation Glass that would be focused on the enterprise space. It now appears that those rumours were indeed correct. A pawn shop in San Francisco […]