Pebble releases Pebble Time firmware 3.1

Pebble TimeMost if not all Kickstarter backers of the Pebble Time have now received their Pebble Time smartwatches (and pre-orders are in full swing). Pebble is already had at work making improvements to the firmware and earlier this week announced Pebble Time Firmware 3.1. There are no major updates in this update but a number of welcome fixes and improvements are included.

Pebble Time Firmware 3.1:

  • Alarm app: fixed UI elements.
  • Alarm app: fixed issue where the watch could crash if an alarm runs for longer than 0 minutes.
  • Notifications app: fixed how short subjects were cut off in list view.
  • Settings » Notifications » Do Not Disturb: Fixed highlighting issues when selecting Do Not Disturb times.
  • Timeline: A “No Events” screen now displays after the last pin is deleted from your timeline.
  • Timeline: Single, all-day events no longer show a start and end time.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Most Pebble Time owners can expect to receive a notification (if they have not already done so) when they next open their Pebble Time app. The update is being rolled out to both Android and iOS device users.

To update your Pebble Time to the latest firmware, simply Select Menu > Support > Update Your Pebble within your Pebble Time app.

Pebble also reminded Pebble Time owners that they can reach out via Facebook or Twitter to provide any feedback, whether it be new features, comments on existing ones or simply a story to share “about your wrist’s best friend.”

Source : Pebble Blog