Huawei teases Honor Band Zero with round display

Huawei Honor Band ZeroRiding high from the reception of its Huawei Watch, the Chinese company recently promised to expand its portfolio of wearable devices. A tweet yesterday gave us a glimpse at what its next device could be. The Huawei Honor Band Zero appears to be a slender and circular wearable and could well be a smartwatch.

There is little to go on at this point but the image does give us a few hints. It looks like there will not be any buttons, suggesting a touch-based interface as well as a very clean design. The Huawei Honor Band Zero also appears to be very thin, suggesting that Huawei may have had to compromise on the feature set. The display is inactive but we expect that it will be a fully circular one rather than one like the Moto 360 with a black bar at the bottom).

There is no word on the operating system powering the Huawei Honor Band Zero. Huawei used Android Wear for the Huawei Watch, making it a likely candidate to power this latest wearable as well. Huawei also came up with its own proprietary operating system for wearables such as the Huawei TalkBand B2 and could use it here, especially if the Huawei Honor Band Zero sports features closer to this thin wearable than a full-fledged smartwatch.

There is no word on availability and pricing yet but we’ll bring you those details as soon as we have them.